Portfolio Management Service (PMS) & Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)

Portfolio Management Service (PMS)

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) refers to an investment portfolio in equities, fixed income, cash, debt structured products and other individual assets that is managed by a professional money manager and can be adjusted to fit specific investment objectives. Unlike in mutual funds where investor owns units of the fund, when you invest in PMS funds, you own individual securities. You have the suppleness to customize your portfolio to meet your specific requirements and objectives. Despite the fact that portfolio managers may be in charge of hundreds of accounts, yours may be one of its kind.

Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)

An Alternative Investment Fund, or AIF, is a confidentially pooled investment vehicle developed or incorporated in India that collects assets from expert investors, whether Indian or global, for investing in line with a defined investment policy for the welfare of its investors. AIFs can be formed or incorporated as a corporation, trust, or other legal entity (including limited liability partnerships). The SEBI (Mutual Funds) Laws of 1996, the SEBI (Collective Investment Schemes) Laws of 1999, or any other Board regulations governing fund management do not apply to AIF.